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Growing up on a ranch on the central coast keeps you grounded and teaches you to have reverence for life.  It taught me how to be independent, a caregiver, and provided many opportunities for me to grow in strength and empathy for people and animals.  

I was inspired to become a nurse after experiencing several life-changing or life-saving events in my childhood.  As young as 13, after just finishing a long cattle drive, I instinctively sprang into action to save a friends life.  I never really thought about how to do it—it just came from me.

After volunteering at a hospital in high school I knew I wanted to become a Registered Nurse.  In 2002, I graduated with my nursing degree and worked in acute care and pre/post-operative at Twin Cities Hospital in Templeton.  I worked in the hospital and surgery center for 9 years.  I then got the opportunity to provide in home health for patients and I really enjoyed providing this service for patients at their home. I quickly realized the importance of compassion and quality care.

I believe patients tend to feel healthier and more confident when they are given the opportunity to heal in their own home, especially older patients.  The ability to sleep in your own bed, in the comfort of your own home, keeps you from feeling as sick as you felt in a hospital or facility.  There are amazing psychological benefits to staying home and still receiving care from a quality trained, acute care clinicians.

I created this company with relationships and quality care as my focus. I have created a place where clinicians are not over worked and their ideas are implemented to make sure our patients receive the highest care available.  I have hand-picked clinicians who are able to deliver the highest level of expert and compassionate care.  We continually measure our patient’s satisfaction so that we can exceed their expectations of service.

I am very proud of the team I have assembled and I look forward to meeting you and finding a way to help.


Cherish Home Health - Misty Tartaglia

Payment Options

Your insurance may provide complete or partial payment.  We will let you know before services begin if there will be a fee or a shared cost due to insurance programs.  We are willing to work with you so that your focus isn't on how to pay for your service, but only to focus on quality rehabilitation in your home provided by caring, skilled clinicians.

Your insurance may provide complete or partial payment.  Cherish Home Health, Inc. will explain your coverage and will bill your insurance directly.

We have various private pay options including full credit card processing.

In 2010, Medicare provided health insurance to 48 million Americans—40 million people age 65 and older and eight million younger people with disabilities.

Medicaid recipients must be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents, and may include low-income adults, their children, and people with certain disabilities.